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The Development of Technology Brings us the New Thinking (I)
Aunt Ella celebrated her 72nd birthday last Sunday. We would like to wish her all the best again. It was a lovely party.
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The 21st century is the century of science and technology. The discoveries and inventions brought about by scientific and technological advances have made human beings stronger. Various means of transportation are an extension of the functions of the feet, which greatly expands the scope of human activities; telescopes and microscopes are extensions of the eye, enabling humans to detect broader and a smaller world; the advancement of information technology and the improvement of the Internet are the extension of the mouth and ears, enabling people who are thousands of miles away to communicate with each other, and the earth becomes a village... Science and technology bring us higher labor. Productivity creates a comfortable living environment and brings us from the era of obscurity to the modern society. But the improper use of this powerful weapon will also bring disaster to human beings and the earth. Humans have opened Pandora’s box more than once in the field of science and technology, causing global warming, damage to the ozone layer, increased desertification, extinction of species, threat of nuclear weapons... even the use of two-digit years in computers has created a "millennium problem" that has plagued the world. "Just to make computers avoid confusion between 2001 and 1901, it is estimated that the world will pay hundreds of billions of dollars! It can be said that technology is the gospel of mankind and the earth, and it is also the disaster star of man and
Video conferences, online shopping, virtual offices, virtual classrooms, etc. have emerged, and they will become the norm in people's lives in the next century. The emergence of the Internet has provided a new way of communication, narrowing the distance between people around the world and turning the earth into a village. The Internet age has come to us, but it has also created some new social problems. At present, the proliferation of pornographic content on the Internet has caused widespread concern in society. At the International Symposium on Internet and Children, experts at the conference pointed out that the use of the Internet to spread pornography and induce child crimes to children is becoming more serious. Although most of the information on the Internet is health information related to academic, commercial, and government materials, some weak Internet users rarely care about these health information, and specifically look for bad information on the Internet.
Because of the sheer volume of information on the Internet, users have almost unlimited access to a variety of information, including video games and violent pornography, which can easily add to a weak-minded teenager. Some people have warned that too many teenagers surfing on the Internet will reduce the time for other activities such as making friends, which is not conducive to growth, and will lead to psychological abnormalities. The harm will be no less than drug addiction or alcohol addiction. The consequences of vulnerabilities in network management are also have various of problems.